Style is as individual as human beings are, but we can generally agree that there are some style trends that should be left in the past. Before you jump on the latest home decorating bandwagon, consider how these trends fared.


Living room

  • Clutter: Resembling a hoarder is never a good look, and neither is mixing too many patterns and styles.

  • Fake plants: They age quickly and get ragged and dusty. Why go fake when real plants are available?

  • Plastic furniture covers: They’re not comfortable and they’re reminiscent of Grandma. They have to go.

  • Deer heads on walls: Use animal trophies and skins in moderation, if at all.

  • Pine everywhere: When everything is made from the same material, the room feels like it’s eating itself.



  • Minimalism: Just as bad as too much clutter is the too-neutral hotel-room look.

  • Monochrome: Obsessions with monochrome date a home.

  • Industrial style: The industrial look is one that’s going to pinned to a specific era.



  • Matching everything: When your aesthetic is “everything matching,” even if it’s all new, it looks decades old.

  • Wallpaper borders: All the rage for a time, now there are so many better options in paint and wallpaper available.

  • Animal prints: It might be unfair, but rooms decorated entirely in animal prints seem a little immature.



  • Inflatable furniture: How old are you?! It’s not comfortable and doesn’t look nice.

  • Shag carpet: It’s linked to the 1970s and it’s a nightmare to clean. Replace it!

  • Wood-paneled walls: Too much wood in one place is overwhelming, and wood panels are a trend from the past.

  • Elaborate window treatments: Valances and swags go in and out of style; for a timeless look, go with simple curtains or wooden blinds.


Deck/outdoor area

  • Edison bulbs: These were cool for a time, but the light is harsh, and there are so many better options.



  • Colored appliances: In the 1970s it was avocado green. Are you sure your choice of appliance color isn’t going to similarly date your kitchen?

  • Macramé plant hangings: Macramé everywhere was never a good look, but it is a good way to make a room look stuck in a time warp.

  • Vertical blinds: These don’t do a great job of blocking light and don’t look great open or closed.

  • Linoleum floors: Linoleum was popular when it first came out, but it doesn’t wear well.

  • Tile countertops: Tough to clean and a little dated, marble or granite are more modern options.



  • Glass block walls: Use skylights or upgrade your light bulbs instead of using the glass block walls that were so popular once upon a time.

  • Popcorn ceilings: Much maligned in decorating circles for good reason, the popcorn ceiling never looked good but was everywhere.

  • Carpet: Do we need to explain why carpet in the bathroom is gross apart from also not being trendy anymore?

  • Words on walls: The decals make it so easy, but this trend has lost its appeal.

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